The challenge

When co-founder Olivier started working for a leading Swiss bank, he faced a dilemma: like many, he did not fit into a standard size suit one can find in store. The reasons are all too common – the trousers are too wide, the sleeves too long or the right size is out of stock. Thus, to get his perfect suit he turned to a tailor, however the price was too high for an apprentice’s budget.


The solution

It was not until Olivier went for a university exchange to Shanghai that he found a way to tackle the issue. Having been introduced to a contract tailor, Olivier decided to start his own business: supplying Swiss customers with tailor-made, fashionable suits at an affordable price. To bring this business idea to life, he teamed up with his  friend Nicolas. Today, Olivier lives in Shanghai and is in constant contact with the xifu tailors in China, while Nicolas leads the business processes in Switzerland.



Some of you might wonder what xifu means. Xifu is the Chinese word for suit and is made up of two parts: ‘xī’ stands for west and ‘fú’ for clothing, the literal translation being clothing from the west which refers to suit.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more. You can reach us via our email address: info@xifu.ch.

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