Where can I find a tape measure?

If you do not have one at home, send us your address by email to info@xifu.ch. We will happily send you one through standard post.

What is important when taking my measurements?

When measuring yourself, it is important to remain relaxed so as to maintain your normal posture. The tape measure should always be laid tightly around the body part that you are measuring, however it should not cut into the skin. To avoid measuring mistakes, take the measurements twice or even three times. If necessary, ask someone to help you measure the more difficult parts of your body. Please note that your xifu Creation is individually tailored according to your measurements, and so, incorrect measurements will impact the fit of your suit.

How do the different styles ‘slim-fit’, ‘modern’ and ‘classy’ differ?

There is a noticeable difference between the three styles so make sure you choose the right one for you. A ‘slim-fit’ suit is the most fitted and fits tightly to your body. The trousers are tapered and tend to be a bit shorter. If you choose the ‘slim-fit’ style, you will have less freedom of movement. The suit jacket will be less tight if you choose the ‘modern’ style. Your trousers will be regularly cut. As for the ‘classy’ style, you will choose to focus on comfort and should not feel at all constricted when wearing your xifu Creation.

How do the measurements ‘torso’ and ‘arm’ differ?

While ‘torso’ impacts the length of your suit jacket, the measurement ‘arm’ influences the length of your sleeves. Please note the difference in terms of how you should approach these two measurements: to measure your torso, start with the measuring tape on the shoulder seam (between shoulder and neck) and measure ‘over’ your chest down to the level where your thumb ends. For ‘arm’, please start the measurement at the sleeve seam on your shoulder, on the outer side of your shoulder, and measure down to the beginning of your thumb (where the index finger and your thumb form a V). For both measurements, there is no need to unnaturally stretch your arm when taking them.

What is the measurement ‘torso’ for?

This measurement is important as it directly influences the length of your suit jacket and shirt. Should you purposely wish to have a short suit, you can slightly reduce the length of this measurement.

How can I ensure that my shirt will go beyond the sleeve end of the suit?

Do not worry about this. Our experienced tailors take this into account when sewing your suit. As long as the measurement “arm” is correctly taken, 1 to 1.5cm of your shirt should be visible when wearing your suit.

Payment Options

How can I pay for my xifu Creation?

The payment options are: credit card payment, bank transfer or the online payment provider TWINT.

Product & Production

What material is my xifu Creation made of?

Currently, all suits are made of the same type of high-quality fabric and only differ in colour. The suits are sewn with thick S200 thread, which ensures long durability and a maximum level of comfort. The fabric is composed of 95% wool and 5% polyester. The high percentage of natural wool gives the fabric a high level of breathability while the small percentage of polyester prevents the suit from getting crumpled. The fabric weighs 250g/m² which makes your xifu Creation an ideal suit for all seasons.

What material is used for xifu shirts?

All xifu shirts are 95% cotton and 5% polyester. Similarly to the suit, the cotton ensures breathability while the small percentage of polyester prevents the shirt from getting too crumpled.

What is the lining like?

The lining is made from a fifty-fifty mixture of cotton and polyester. Whilst cheaper mass confection suits often have a glued lining, xifu makes sure its linings are properly sewed on.

How many pockets does a suit have? What are its other important features?

The suit jacket has two outer pockets on each side, and a breast pocket for your pocket square on the right side. Inside, there are four pockets: two large ones on both sides to store your wallet and phone, as well as a long pen pocket and a small pocket on the left hand side for business cards. All suits are designed the ‘modern’ way with two buttons. Whilst most people choose to have two vents at the back of their suit, you can also opt for only one or none at all.

Where is my xifu Creation tailored?

All xifu Creations are sewn by our experienced tailors in Shanghai, China. We have been working together with the same partners for over three years. During the tailoring process, we make sure that applicable regulations are respected and that all our tailors receive a fair salary.


What are the shipping costs?

Both delivery and customs costs are included in the price of your xifu Creation.

How does the shipping work?

Your xifu Creation is sent by airmail from China and shipped to your chosen address by DHL. Once the parcel is on its way, you will be notified by email or SMS. DHL offers several possibilities in case you need to modify the delivery, e.g. the delivery address or time of delivery.

How long does it take for my xifu Creation to arrive?

It will usually take up to three weeks for you to receive your xifu Creation.

In what form will I receive my xifu Creation?

Your xifu Creation is sent in a box to ensure that it will not be damaged during transport. After receiving the suit, we recommend that you hang it up so that any slight crumples fall out and you can start wearing it as soon as possible.


I measured myself and my xifu Creation does not fit perfectly, what shall I do?

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable when wearing your xifu Creation. In case it does not fit as you expected, we recommend that you go and see one of our xifu Partners. As a xifu customer, you benefit from a 10% reduction on the xifu Partner’s alteration prices.

A xifu Partner measured me but my xifu Creation does not fit perfectly, what shall I do?

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable when wearing your xifu Creation. In case it does not fit as you expected, you can go and see the xifu Partner that measured you. You benefit from the xifu Fit Guarantee, so that alterations of up to CHF 125.- are covered according to the xifu Preferential Terms. In the very rare case that alterations go beyond this amount, you are expected to pay the difference.

What happens if the xifu Partner is not able to alter my xifu Creation according to my wishes?

In the rare case that one of our xifu Partners believes that your xifu Creation cannot be correctly adjusted, you will be measured again. We kindly ask you to send an explanatory email to info@xifu.ch. We will get back to you within 72 hours with a feasible solution.


Is it possible to order my xifu Creation in another fabric than the ones displayed online?

At this stage, we only sell garments in the colours and designs that you can find on the website. However, we may consider increasing the number of fabrics and products in the future.

Is it possible to order a second pair of trousers to my suit?

Yes, in the xifu Studio you can add a second pair of trousers to your order. However, this is only possible when ordering a suit as well thus, an additional single pair of pants cannot be ordered.

Is it possible to only order a suit jacket, pants or a shirt?

At this stage, it is not possible to individually order jackets, pants or shirts. However, you can add a matching waistcoat to your suit for CHF 75.-.

How should my suit be stored?

Whenever you are not wearing your suit, it should be stored on a coat hanger to prevent it from getting crumpled. Please note that when being worn or during shipment, your suit may slightly crumple. To flatten it out, we recommend spraying it with a bottle filled with cold water. It is also possible to iron your suit, although you should only do this at low temperature and preferably put a thin cloth between your electric iron and the fabric. Alternatively, most of our xifu Partners also offer dry-cleaning services.

Have we failed to answer one of your questions? Do you have any other specific recommendations? Please feel free to contact us via info@xifu.ch. We look forward to hearing from you!