Are you unsure about taking your measurements yourself?


Don’t worry! For CHF 469.- you can order your xifu suit through one of our xifu Partners.

Xifu Partners are local tailors who are here to advise you on our xifu products, and to take your measurements professionally. Our 469.- CHF deal for your tailor-made suit & shirt includes much more than what you would expect!

What you get when ordering through a xifu Partner:

• Professionally taken measurements
• Advice on our xifu products
• Samples of our xifu fabrics
• Perfect fit guarantee (any alterations up to CHF 150.- are included if necessary)

Please note: we do not have any partnerships yet. However, we are working hard to build up our network. You will soon find one of our xifu partners in your neighbourhood.

Please note that we are constantly expanding our network of xifu Partners throughout Switzerland. Accordingly, this page is subject to constant editing.