What to Put in Your Suit

When wearing your tailor-made xifu suit, your main goal is to look neat and elegant for the wedding you’re heading to, handsome for a cocktail party or professional in the office. Apart from making sure that your tie is the right colour and that your suit fits properly, knowing what to put (and not!) in your suit is key. You definitely want to stay away from having voluminous things in your suit pockets, as it will simply not look smart at all. As such, let’s go over what could or should go where in your xifu suit.



More than essential these days, your flat phone will fit perfectly in one of the inside pockets of your suit.


The second inside pocket of your suit is the ideal place for your wallet. However, make sure it isn’t too large or bulky, as that would be more suited to fit in a handbag. If you want to impress, go light with a slim money clip, a few cards and bills.


Yes, it’s always useful to have a pen with you; hence every xifu suit features a pen pocket on the left inside part of your jacket.


Hankies always come in handy, especially if you’re likely to have a runny nose. There are two ways of keeping it safe. You can either have it in one of the pockets of your suit trousers or preferably, put it in the additional little pocket on the lower left inside part of your suit jacket. You can also keep business cards in that same pocket.


Mmmh. It’s fine to keep your keys in your suit but make sure that they’re not too bulky so as to avoid it being obvious that you walk around with an extensive set of keys.

All in all, only absolute necessities should find place in your suit. If you need to bring more things, store them in an appropriate bag that matches your style and tastes. Please note that we believe such advice to be in your favour and simply want to ensure that you make the most out of everything your tailor-made xifu suit has to offer. You will look great!

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