How To Wear Your Xifu Suit.

Dressing up formal might feel tricky at times, so to ensure that you look dressed to the nines in your xifu suit, we’ve set out a few guidelines. With these 11 simple rules, you’ll definitely impress, looking as handsome and attired as one can be.


1. Never button the bottom button of your suit jacket

The last button of your suit jacket is purely for aesthetic purposes. You don’t need to bother with it. Just keep it open. The same goes for the last button of your waistcoat if you are wearing one.


2. Unbutton your suit jacket while sitting down

You should always unbutton your jacket when sitting down in your suit. If not, your look might take a hit and in the long run, it might even end up impairing the shape of your jacket.


3. Always button up the top button of your shirt

When you are wearing a tie, make sure to close the top button of your shirt. Leave it as such at least until the after party starts and you get rid of your tie.


4. The tip of your tie should end at the buckle of your belt

It might take some time to get it right, but practice makes perfect.


5. The colour of your tie should contrast with the colour of your suit

If your xifu suit is of a dark colour, make sure to choose a lighter shaded tie. And vice versa. Check out our dedicated article for more insights on how to wear and tie a suit.


6. Your shirt cuffs should be visible beneath the sleeves of your jacket

Your shirt cuffs should reach about 1 to 1.5 cm beyond the sleeves of your suit jacket.


7. Your shoes should complement the colour of your suit

You have some liberty when it comes to choosing the shoes you want to wear with your suit. Just refrain from having too much colour contrast between the two. For example, you should not combine brown shoes with a black suit or black shoes with a brown suit.


8. Your shoes should match the colour of your belt

The colour of your shoes should always be the same as the colour of your belt.


9. Choose a simple thin belt

Refrain from wearing a large, clunky belt with your xifu suit. Instead, go for a thin belt with a silver belt buckle. The simpler, the better.


10. Your socks should always cover your legs

Make sure your socks are long enough to cover your legs. When you sit down, especially when crossing your legs, your trousers will inevitably expose some parts of your lower legs. Just make sure your socks are long enough so that no bare skin is visible.


11. If you wear suspenders, do not wear a belt

A belt and suspenders do the same thing, they keep your trousers up. Thus, there’s no need to wear both and it will look silly if you combine the two.