How To Tie A Tie.

The tie is probably the most used accessory to wear with your xifu suit. Besides knowing how to tie one, it is useful to be aware of the ideal size, pattern and colour of your tie.

The Size

It appears obvious but it’s still worth noting that the shorter and thinner of a gentleman you are, the shorter and thinner your tie should be. The tie should thus be proportionate to your overall shape.

The Colour

Unfortunately, there are no fixed rules when it comes to matching the colour of your tie with your xifu suit. Generally speaking, you can either go for matching or complementing your tie to the colour of your suit. For example, a white shirt with your dark blue xifu Artist suit could be combined with either a bright blue (matching) or an orange (complementing) coloured tie.

The Patterns

Similarly to the choice of colour, the pattern of your tie should either be similar or completely different to the suit or shirt fabric. For example, your blue striped xifu shirt could be combined with a tie featuring wide stripes or else a completely different pattern, while keeping in mind the colour recommendations mentioned above.




Now we’re ready to tie the tie. While there’s a variety of different knots, the four above will make sure you’re well dressed at all times.


This is probably the easiest and one of the most popular knots. It’s comparably small and slightly asymmetrical, best suited for narrow collars. Compared to the Windsor knots, it gives you somewhat of a more casual look.


Half Windsor

This knot will ensure you look smart and is ideal in a business context. It is the little brother of the Full Windsor. It is a hint smaller – you might prefer it if you’re not 1.85m and in love with the gym.


Full Windsor

This is probably the most commonly seen knot in the business environment. It’s completely symmetrical and quite big. It’s a formal knot so you can also wear it to a wedding or when you pitch in front of business angels. However, it is also a rather tricky one to tie.


The Pratt

This knot is the all-rounder among the four mentioned knots and can be worn both casually and professionally. In terms of size, the Pratt knot lies between the Four-in-Hand and the Windsor knots and features perfect symmetry. Please note that to tie this one you must start differently to when tying the other knots.

Illustrations from restartyourstyle.com